Fido’s Outdoor Potty

Fido’s Outdoor Potty is real grass, harvested fresh and delivered to your door. Giving your furry friend the feeling of being outside, while being in the comfort of the indoors. No more trying to take your loved companion outside during blizzards, storms, or just during late nights. Fido’s makes it easy too. We offer either subscription plans or one-off purchasing options to test it out. Our potties come in four different sizes for all sizes of dogs, cats and other household pets.

All of Fido’s Outdoor Potties come from naturally grown grass that is safe of pesticides and for indoor or outdoor use. We ship our products on Mondays and Tuesdays only to ensure timely delivery and fresh grass being delivered at all times. We highly recommend our odor resistant plastic trays that are shaped perfectly to fit our slabs of grass and create an easy way to contain the grass and odors.

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