Black Beauty Tall Fescue

Black Beauty Fescue is tough and traffic tolerant. It will stay lush and green even on the hottest summer days and in drought conditions. Contains improved seed varieties for beauty and durability with both pest and disease resistance. Establishes quickly and grows well in full sun or partial shade with less watering.

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Product Description

The waxy coating on the grass leaf is like the wax on an apple, which preserves the moisture in the plant and wards off disease. Black Beauty sod grows a darker green than other turf mixtures. See how the color stands out six months after seeding.

  • Grows roots 4-feet deep
  • Thrives in poor soils of low pH
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Succumbs to fever disease & recovers faster
  • Black Beauty doesn’t get rust diseases like Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Survives under adverse growing conditions
  • Great shade tolerance

Black Beauty is a 97% tall fescue and 3% bluegrass blend.

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